Bertram Group 
Marketing Research & Strategy Development    
Strategic Planning
A Unique Process to Fit Your Situation and Needs

Our approach to strategic planning precludes the use of any canned “fill in the blank” programs that can inflate costs with prerequisite material purchases and licensing fees. We can work directly with large multi-stakeholder groups, small committees / teams or your board of directors. Dynamic tools and techniques are used to identify issues, assess options, clarify direction, and establish measurable goals. Bertram Group can assist you with completing: 

    Planning process design
    SWOT Analysis
    Environmental Scan
    Competitive Analysis
    Critical Success Factors
    Resource Requirements
    Process facilitation
    Action planning
    Plan implementation
    Tracking systems

    Marketing Teams
    Schools of Pharmacy
    Community Service Organizations
    Professional Associations
    Charitable Foundations
    Cancer Center
    University Development Staff