Bertram Group 
Marketing Research & Strategy Development    
Qualitative Moderating of Focus Groups &
In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)

Bertram Group enhances standard qualitative methods with projective techniques and visual imagery  to evoke responses that reside below the surface of a respondent’s conscious thinking.
Methodologies are custom designed for each project and may be applied at a central research facility, by telephone, online, or at ethnographic sites, such as medical facility, home, office/work site or retail store.

    Analysis and reporting reflect a management decision-maker perspective, based on 15 years of experience with a major pharmaceutical manufacturer and leadership roles on the marketing research supplier side.

Project Examples:

Early concept screening

Product positioning

Message / journal / detail testing

Business development assessments

Direct to consumer promotion

Resource deployment

New formulations / dosages

Rx sampling

Packaging / labeling

Consumer / patient satisfaction

Rx to OTC switch

Attitudes, Trial, Usage(ATU)

Respondent Audiences:

Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology

Benefits Consultants

Animal Health

Managed care pharmacy directors

Pharmacy benefits managers



Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology

Benefits Consultants

Animal Health

Power Tool Manufacturers

Consumer Package Goods

Private Foundations