Bertram Group 
Marketing Research & Strategy Development    

Understanding Your Customers

Bertram Group is a qualitative research and consulting firm specializing in the pharmaceutical/biotech and healthcare industries. Since 1993, clients have come to Bertram Group with different types of questions regarding products, markets and issues ...

These questions all boil down to the quest for a deeper understanding of their customers.

We are experts at drilling down to find exploitable opportunities for our clients to achieve competitive advantage and optimize performance. Deborah Bertram, President of Bertram Group, has conducted thousands of interviews and focus groups and honed skills and techniques for uncovering respondents’ hidden motivations and perspectives.

When you are facing the challenge of assessing a new business opportunity, marketing a product or service or clarifying strategic direction, Bertram Group will:

arrow Design and implement a time and cost efficient approach to reduce your decision-making risk.
arrow Work along with agencies and R&D as part of your team.
arrow Lighten your load with turnkey project management and enlightened strategic recommendations.